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    Why Christians Should Focus on Branding more than Marketing

    Subject lines that sell. Calls to action that hook you. Massive product launches. Marketers are obsessed with the extraordinary. They use hyperbole...

    Launching Your “Calling” During Quarantine – 10 Tips

    How to Jumpstart Your Christian Business During #CoronaTime

    KDE Podcast 254: Applying the Power of the Scripture in Business (Conversation with Alex Miranda)

    Thank you Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur for featuring me as today’s guest on your podcast!

    How My Business Funds My Disney Habit

    We business owners are all in this to make money, but the question is - why?

    Practical Advice on ‘Keeping Your Word’ In Business

    What does it take to purify our hearts and keep our integrity in business?

    How to Make Wrongs Right in Business

    Are there any wrongs in your marketplace that you hunger to see, right?

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