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    Lusting for Things vs Trusting in Your Calling – It’s One or the Other

    Lust isn't just for sexual desires, it's for the desires of our heart.

    Material Possessions vs Our Calling in Business – Who Wins?

    You're either chasing things, or chasing God's purpose for your business.

    Stop Rushing Everything in Business – Part 3: Rushing is a Joy Killer

    How can we experience more joy on our entrepreneurial journey? What do we do to recover the joy we once felt? Where can we find the daily fill of joy we need to make it through the day instead of sputtering out.

    I Know My Calling, But I’m Stuck: Part 3 – Gaining Confidence

    We're in the business of saving souls in the marketplace, how can you expect it to be easy?

    How to Find Peace with Terrible Clients (and Employees)

    It is Christ who can give us the serenity to be kind in the face of adversity with Business partners

    How Godpreneurs Handle Tests and Challenges in Business

    Consider lawsuits, bad contracts, terrible hiring decisions, and mistakes in planning a test...a shaping of your wisdom so you can be a better entrepreneur tomorrow.

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