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    The Secret to Success – God’s Way

    Success God's way is not judging each day by the amount of money I make, but by the seeds I plant.

    How to Find Peace with Terrible Clients (and Employees)

    It is Christ who can give us the serenity to be kind in the face of adversity with Business partners

    Do you need a way out of your failure and disappointment?

    Are you willing to let it go to serve God fully and wholly today in and through your business?

    Rich Clients are a Pain in My Brand

    Weak entrepreneurs may insist on status, formality, and appearances, but God sees us for what we are.

    How Project Planning Doubled My Profits

    The prudent business owner understands that everything does not turn out the way it seems it will at first glance.

    How Entrepreneurs Avoid Anger

    Uncontrolled anger is a sign of weakness—not leadership.

    Thinking About Giving Up as an Entrepreneur? Read this.

    God may change your direction but He will not abandon you. If you persist, you will discover the entrepreneurial purpose He has designed for your life

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