I Can Be a Godpreneur and Still Love Money

    God is the CEO, our only master, and we choose not to let money into our hearts and take His place.

    I’m a Self Made Man

    We are the work of His hands.

    More Money, More Happy

    Only Jesus will truly satisfy!

    Your Attitude Can Be Keeping You From More

    What happens if your attitude is stuck in material possessions?

    Help a Million to Make a Million

    God inspects the way we Godpreneurs manage our money.

    No Credit, No Problem

    You are able to live freely in the marketplace!

    Giving the Credit to God

    We're called to be compassionate and good humans here on earth.

    Books on Being Rich Won’t Make You Wealthy

    What I've learned from the bible has made me rich at times. But what I've retained from the bible has made me wealthy in wisdom. The wealth in wisdom, over the long run, translates to financial wealth as well because I make better decisions in light of everything God is teaching me.

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