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    The 19 Rules of Money Management for Christian Entrepreneurs – Rule 7: You’re Doing Better Than You Think

    We won't be happy when we have more money or when we've got a better hold of our finances

    In God, We Entrepreneurs Trust: Part 4 – The Benefits of Trusting God

    God is right there with you, sitting at the corner of the desk, looking straight at you, ready to protect, defend, and honor you as a Godpreneur.

    Staying the Course in Business: Part 7 – Humility While Waiting

    So, how do you become more like Jesus in the marketplace? How do you develop a spirit of humility during your waiting season?

    You’re in the Right Place

    We Godpreneurs can't let fear distract us from living a life in God's full will. He needs us in order to impact the business world. He needs our minds and hearts in the right places: focused on the marketplace mission field he has you on right now, no matter how insignificant we may think it is.

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