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    How To Bring More “Dream” Clients from God Into Your Business

    You'll be able to attract more when you are living freely and lightly.

    How to Align Your Business with Your Niche Calling

    God wants to build a great thing upon the foundation of our calling.

    3 Ways God Reveals the Exact Niche Our Business Should Be In

    God won't reveal our true brand's calling all at once. It's a continuous process where He wants to guide and teach along the journey.

    Struggling to Pick a Niche in Business? Here are 2 Obvious Clues from God.

    What specific group of people can we help with a particular need that moves us in a unique way? That's our niche.

    The Secret to Finding Your Calling in Business

    God invites us to serve in the ordinary businesses we lead. What makes a business extraordinary is when we're able to love our clients like God loves us. This is when we get to live our the gospel and hopefully share it with partners, vendors, contractors, employees and clients.

    Finding Joy in My Business, Even When I Want To Leave

    Whatever my business, God’s gifts enable me to work for the common good, to find more contentment in my work, and/or to overcome or endure the negative aspects of my business situation.

    What do you want to change in the world? Do that!

    When branding someone, I have to find out their desires, motivations and intentions for doing the business. This makes me armed and dangerous for coming out with an awesome brand!

    Feeling Unfit to be an Entrepreneur? Think Again.

    Paying too much attention to the gifts you already have can keep you from receiving the gifts God wants to give you. This is one reason why people get stuck and don't launch their business: feeling unfit to be an entrepreneur.

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